Are you looking for a physician who

  • Knows you personally?

  • Sees you promptly and spends enough time with you at your office visit?

  • Is available 24/7 if you have questions?

  • Works with you as a team to keep you healthy?


Dr. Ulrike Sujansky is a board certified Internal Medicine physician who has been practicing in San Mateo, California since 1997.  Frustrated with the constraints of healthcare and insurance companies, she has transitioned her practice to a “private” (sometimes called “concierge” or “membership”) medical practice to continue to put patient care first.  Now her office visits are longer, she is more available, and she is better able to communicate on your behalf with the other physicians involved in your care.  Dr. Sujansky believes in a comprehensive approach to health that focuses on wellness, prevention, and disease management.

If you are interested in joining Dr. Sujansky's practice, please click here.